Constant trivia and inanity is perpetrated to take our minds off reality and controlled by a very scary Socialist gang in Europe, who are quite possibly lizards. Life as we know it Jim is going through some very dark conspiracy times while manipulating the youth of nations. How inane? Well, incessantly promulgating Illuminatus, no talent Jay-Z’s mythical ability to sing as a rapper for a start. Of course, he definitely had a leg-up if not over self-exposed Illuminati icon Beyonce who sees herself on the next design of the Dollar bill. Yet nobody takes notice, or it could be that everyone has their oblivious head down looking at their mobile phones.

Big Brother et al, endless condescending drivel, the only other choice being yet another programme presented by Richard Hammond all designed to keep us docile. To prevent us showing signs of individuality, this ruling cult has created such a frightening stigma making it illegal to challenge in plain language or we are deemed ‘racist’.

Dangerously oppressing us all today, in these so-called liberal societies, clueless politicians aberrantly speak for us all, oblivious to their folly and continue to take the most astonishing actions which are completely against the will of the natural silent majority. This is done with impunity because they have infiltrated the assumed ‘intellectual sect’ and just about all media (except BTM)!

Remarkably, the word ‘brainfart’ (one word) has now been added to the Oxford Dictionary and as the real 1984 approaches with the Illuminati still dripping down the walls of Oxford University, it brings us to the migrant crisis. Self-inflicted disaster or not, most of us are fairly companionate, some generous and unless you are a sociopath, psychopath or just called Tony, by default we all have an ingrained element of concern for others. However, Europe has an epidemic of brainfarting at the moment as the clash of civilizations materializes unheeded. As sad as the situation is; human nature dictates an extremely violent ride. Karl Marx will surely be jumping in his grave waving a blunt sickle desperately trying to get out shouting; ‘I said hammer and a chisel not….’

Empowered pseudo-Socialism is an order and a fairytale rather than compassion. This agenda swamped ideology gradually became extreme during the 70s, but now it has become positively fascist with generations indoctrinated and oblivious to its totalitarian aspect. Even our closest lovable relative the chimpanzee is known to kill another for territory or clanship.

Whatever, brainfarting as an adjective will become diverse and severely political but for now remains in the derogatory such as blonde jokes or similar: ‘Atlanta Emergency which service’? ‘There’s a man in my garden, he’s been shot’. ‘Mamm, do you have an address’? ‘No! I’m wearing jeans and sweater duh’! In the developing world brainfarting has always been a prolific pastime and everyday occurrence. In fact, in many incidences a couple of English idioms might be well placed alongside it; a brainfart ‘follow through’ comes to mind as it describes much of the pile of derision we so often have to endure – all in the name of perceived ‘social welfare’. Of course, journalistically the word will not be appearing for several years yet and in Europe it will be banned completely, with the BBC leading.

Fabian-ism is an inherent medical condition, determined to be an airborne virus mainly radiated by the BBC and absorbed through unprotected ears. The virus can enter via the eyes if one reads The Guardian or The Huffington (com)Post. Originally cultivated in the London School of Economics and quickly spreading to the London School of Journalism the virus mutated into colonies, such as the one in Falmouth – South West England. The disease boosts the ego system, affecting one’s dialectic red cerebral empathy neurons (called Republicans) and tends to make us all gay with the ability to spout clichés. The cloning syndrome mechanism contains several adhesive and sickly white corpuscles – and over generations the ‘fuzzy logic’ of these cells becomes corrupt. The only treatment is war and genocide, after which there is a calming period, but there is no complete cure, for history will repeat.

To be continued/….