An explanation is now required. This is the magazine article which got me banned. I no longer write for said magazine. In the news, is the blatant obsession America currently has with sexual nuance and overtones. Plainly obvious is the relished embellishment which the media who carry the stories and the teller of, appear to almost get some sort sexual pleasure out of being the apparent victim as they reveal details, many decades after the so-called incident occurred. To top that, the credibility of an ego drenched actress is to say the least suspect. Before brandishing a poker in soaked Political Correct anger at the writer, try and drop the martyrdom first and look through the haze. A crime is a crime and sexually related crimes should see some sort of clinical retribution if proven. Rape (though often hard to prove) invariably entails violence thus the perpetrator breaks two laws –  the death penalty is too good for them. Sexual harassment is a sickness no matter which way it manifests itself. Cultural backwardness, sociopathic or just vanity and desire, no matter, it must be severely dealt with. However, circumstances cannot be hearsay, those facts the affected bleat must indeed be factual and here lies the rub. Did anyone die, was violence used? Money and fame is a very coercive force, it is not criminal.

Despite the likes of the main-stream media propagating obsessive homosexuality and now working very hard to promote paedophilia and normalize it, as they indoctrinate their Millennial sheep; it is deemed thoroughly inappropriate to make say a paedophile joke. This is utter hypocrisy to protect the shady. ‘Thus duth protestuth too muchuth’. Victims are victims, it is a very sad fact of life, but the entire world is not to blame. Empathy, sympathy, compassion where it is due, but life goes on creating more victims no matter how offended some might be. The dark side of all this is that victims are being victimized by this ‘Common Purpose’ – Fabian cult who manipulate and indoctrinate and thus are perpetrators by their actions. The truth is, their manifesto champions perpetrators while diminishing all rights to the true victim. To combat critique and smoother this abominable doctrine, they create ‘the offended’.  It is so hard to see through it if one grew up in it.

Having been asked to make ‘Harvey’ the subject of the month, the writing is tongue in cheek as they are all supposed to be, however it was deemed offensive by one Millennial daughter, who spoke up for ‘all those poor actresses’ who ostensibly suffered so greatly at the hand or hands of Harvey Weinstein. This is the power of Political Correctness gone absolutely mad. One deluded voice can frighten a nation if it pulls the race or offense card.


The article:

The pathetically frustrated media fruitlessly trying to destroy The Donald obviously needed a new news-worthy stool pigeon; ‘Oh hello Harvey! What a nice bathroom you have, that’s an odd-looking loofah you’re holding’, said the actress. What a filthy Shrek he turned out to be.

Call we rare, cynical reality gems old fashioned and merely sceptical, but how strange is it that all these women now coming forward are or were wanna-be famous actresses? Ostensibly in the name of ‘art’ those same moaning thespians whose distended egos are so desperately prepared to nakedly simulate a good rogering with more suspiciously accurate moaning, in full HD on our screens hourly. With obscene hypocrisy they now come out in their droves, to garner even more ego drenched publicity, by hammering Weinstein, the very man they courted to get the part. Fame without shame.   Darling, how far were you prepared to go, casually flaunting your bottom cheeks with a such a tight-fitting G-string so far up the Khyber as cruelly painful as a carthorse’s mouth bit’?

Society is very sick. We now have the stalwart 1950’s BBC “RADIO” play ‘The Archers’, depicting homosexuals french kissing with gross slurpy mouth made sound effects. We have explicit language and sexual connotation in everything from the ‘Shopping Channel’ to the ‘Muppets’. We have every single twerking and writhing pop video displaying teenage debauchery. We have schools in the UK and the USA building toilets for trans and so-called latest craze ‘liquid’ gender kids, plus homosexuality utterly romanticized in the school classrooms for 5-year olds with never a mention of the unnatural messy enema. Top that with adolescent boys allowed to wear dresses in class and undecided 8-year-old girls lovingly donning strap-ons so as not to be discriminated against. And you thought smoking in the toilets at school was bad.

As it is, nobody from ‘normality’ has popped up claiming; ‘Harvey made me perform oral sex, threatening me with a blunt dildo held to my throat’. This is society as it is in the 21st Century and as always was in 20th Century Fox.  Yet boisterous Harvey still lives in the 70s when ‘free love’ and penicillin came gratis and soap was something one used only for lubrication. Meanwhile Hilary Clinton still blames the Russians for Bill’s endless indiscretions. Oddly, if some guys came out screaming; ‘Harvey buggered me in the barn after promising a gay part in the follow up to “Brokeback Mountain – Homo on the Range”, it would be supressed.

Murder, violence, rape, paedophilia; none of it is remotely funny and this column has no issues permanently terminating the guilty, however, when all is said and done, jokes pertaining to it are often hilarious so lighten up – oh, unless you happen to be the victim of course, but that applies to life’s challenges full stop and no amount of forced PC will ever change cruel human nature.

Next, of the 2 million women Hugh Hefner claims to have wanged, half will claim ‘assault’.  His estate must be worth a lie or two. What the hell is the difference between luvvie Hefner and Weinstein other than a red dressing gown and the size of their etchings?  A brilliant pun and thoroughly hilarious, was ‘The Onion’s’ headline: ‘Officials investigating Hugh Hefner’s death suspect foreplay’. If English is your mother tongue then you are now rolling on the floor peeing yourself with absolutely no offence taken, despite speaking ill of the dead

‘I was made to watch him shower’ spews Ashley Judd.  Um…er.. just how was that achieved Ash?  You are the victim here, please show us the dastardly rope burns of the bondage which held you there. Then there’s the Italian actress who we have never heard of, maintaining that she was forced to perform trumpet practice on Weinstein’s chosen instrument, describing it as ‘onanistic’.  My God, that’s a big word for a 21 year old, or she can’t spell ‘organ’

Sadly or deluded, we know in full denial the rich and famous and abhorrent politicians know no bounds when it comes to sexual pleasure at any age (one suspects). Sir Jimmy Saville on the other hand didn’t care if his assault victim was breathing or not and the entire hierarchy of the BBC and much of government were well aware, thus indeed complicit, so knighted him. That my friends is worthy of the death penalty, just to rid the earth of such deviance.  But then the House of Lords would look a little too empty perhaps.

‘Harvey Weinstein claims it was a mistake to assault a dozen women. That’s not a mistake, that’s a whole season of “Law and Order Special Victims Unit”’ spews a comedian. A funny line, but the boilers come out the woodwork, ooooing and aaahing; with their clichéd offended diatribe as if victims themselves and the media milk it.

There are so many millions who really do suffer horrendous, heinous abuse in this warped world, which is totally appeased by the very same disingenuous lizard activists, depraved politicians and chameleon ego maniacs called showbiz


As featured in Bahrain This Month May 2015 edition.

A lovely cartoon in the Gulf Daily News the other day showed a long suffering wife, sitting in the living room chair and her husband looking out the window. She says; ‘Come away from the window and stop watching the world, you know how it upsets you’. This actually reminds one of the stayed old couple transiting life in their own quirky way, just as old couples end up doing with gems of wisdom pouring forthwith. The old man wearing nothing at all wanders past the window with its open curtains and the wife chirps up; ‘For God’s sake, come away from the window, people will think I married you for your money’.

This epitomizes the older generation, most having become tired of all the hype and ego induced scheming of today’s truly partisan world. Most of us old ‘uns see through it all, but there is nothing you can do to convince the younger, media indoctrinated masses that their lives are covertly conditioned.

Life expectancy is ever extending and no sane person wants to depart ahead of expectation, plus the world’s population is exploding in more ways than one, particularly in under-developed regions where culture and mentality deem the masses oblivious to the consequences. This presents a dilemma to the degenerate Illuminati, because in all essence ‘they’ disingenuously nurture this pool purely for the egoistic vote. Did we mention the V word there? Oh my goodness, there goes any chance of a garden party invite or indeed an OBE or higher.

Almost all ideology fades as one gets older, except perhaps religion where hope plays such a major role into the unknown. Now, if senior citizens see through all the smoke and mirrors and will no longer vote for such ideology or Kardashian like idolization, then are we in danger? If so, at what stage of our lives?

Are you at risk? Old is gold and grey, but a nuisance for this ultra-dominate, pseudo young egocentric, egotistic establishment which controls and even micromanages the very words we are allowed to utter. You know you are old when the doctor says; ‘You’re gonna die’, and you reply; ‘Dubai? I thought I was in Bahrain’.

You know you are old when you can no longer wear leather pajamas and look back with self-pride at your hippy love-in days when chatting up the pretty girl with flowers in her hair and you claimed to be an organ donor. Half the people you meet talk to you in clichés telling you that you are not old and that you just need to lose a bit of weight, which is a near impossibility because what constitutes exercise and weight lifting in the senior years is just trying to stand up.

You should know you are old if you were asked to name a bird with a long neck and you answered Naomi Campbell and think it so funny and then proceed to endorse your own joke. Best of all, you know you are really old when each time you open your mouth someone immediately responds with; ‘I can’t believe you said that’ or ‘I find that so offensive’, which nowadays legally transcends to being libellous or defamatory for every little thing. Then it hits you that you really are old because every sentence you utter contains the word ‘nowadays’ followed by ‘we used to’.

With justified suspicion the first counter contention imposed by this rabid collective could be to somehow remove from the equation older folk who will no longer vote for them. It is not rocket science to figure out what is really in the minds of the numerous talking heads given endless platforms on the BBC.

With millions from the third world now firmly ensconced in the West, all on a promise of carte blanche privilege in return for towing the party line, those across Europe who have been pulling the strings for the past 40 years or so are in a panic to counter the potential rebellion brewing.

Nervously flip-flopping like a hermaphrodite snail on its first date, the condoning media is constantly airing twisted cloaked fanatics, all trying to babble their way out of their own doing and suggesting anything which will keep them in power. Heard on the BBC recently; a slip of the tongue or seriously dangerous arrogance, one or two such talking heads openly suggested that old people should be struck off the ‘Register of Electors’, meaning that they should lose their right to vote. The host no doubt near swallowed his Guardian while diving for the profanity button. Too late, out it went; but was there a backlash? Oh please; as if! OJ Simpson’s trial was more transparent. And it goes on, just like OJ getting married again because he’d like another stab at it, the BBC will keep on pushing it as if they have ‘nothing’ to do with it.

If our impending dementia doesn’t get the better of us first, we longevity Shar Peis on Zimmer frames can clearly see the quagmire deliberately enforced upon on us over the decades by the charisma void PC collective. A collective united in controlling our thoughts and brazenly legislate it. Sure, as of yet, this clique of wonderment cannot openly condemn old people as that would be politically incorrect, so they actually rely on dementia setting in. As devastating as it is, dementia also has many advantages; less stress for one and probably the best thing about still being active and a sufferer is you get to meet new people every day.