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Firstly, welcome if you have been redirected from – or  It is all associated and you are so welcome to stick with if you don’t want verbal clutter which you are about to wade through if inclined. (I hope so). will reappear eventually; as will Jesus apparently, but for now it was deliberately taken off line because a lot of unsavoury sods utilized the data base and company operational tactics to make money for themselves but not the artists. Sadly,  that is common around these parts – as is; ‘Hey Geg, write us a cracking jingle”. You do it and then; ‘Thanks, send us the master’.  Unbelievable!  They then go and place it on endless TV channels, not only making placement money from the clients, but taking all the royalties as well.  You challenge them and they come back with; ‘Ugh!’ With looks of such innocence on their faces and….. ‘ Everyone does it, we paid you for the studio work, what else do you want?’

Now if you would like to hear some of those jingles, then click on the ‘production’ page.  On the other hand,  if you just want to hear my own voice show reel, bang your mouse over the links above, or scroll on down for a good read. The links are repeated at the of this page.

Before we get into my favourite rant about the world’s infestation of the ‘PRONOUN VIRUS‘, let’s get back to me!  How’s that for narcissism?   Who cares about me? If I had 3 eyes and 17 toes what difference would it make to the price of eggs? [I’ve actually got 4 eyes and only 15 toes]. It is probably the voice you want to hear and better still the type of product I produce.

You need to know if I can deliver whatever style and energy you require………………. Er! Um!  Voice wise… Yeah I can!  And by all accounts I’m pretty good at it really. Some love me, some hate me. What to do?  Some say I am best or even the BEST at directing others and should stick to that.   (Some movie stars might like to do that).   I only voice in English but I’m happy to give it a go in Swahili if you teach me the words.   The only set back is: Do you like my distinct and unique tone and ‘can’t quite put your finger on it’ accent? Again, it is 50/50 – absolutely love or hate.  The reason for that is simply the uniqueness of my dulcet tonsils and the psychology of something going in your ear which you notice and makes you aware. Some can take it, some cant.  But then, I can sound like Edward Heath or Neil Nunes if you like……..

As for production; you have to walk a million miles to find better.  English/Arabic/Hindi whatever, it is done here and better than they do it themselves or so I’m told.    Well that is what I think, but of course, the ‘some say’ brigade also moan that y ‘in yer face’ productions, as slick as there are,  ‘OLD SCHOOL’  and   ‘Not what the people want these days‘, thus  ‘out of date’ .   For all those pony tailed, earring clad, sari wearing instant experts out there, go prance your phoney art around your mother, because she surely loves you and will protect you from the likes of my creative aggression.   Oooo snap my beads. The airways are now saturated with this higher pitched girlie, pseudo over happy, sing song reads which for the life of me eludes my reasoning. Must be some Masonic like club or closet, because there seems to be clones of them everywhere and the public are bombarded with it to such an extent that folk think it might be law to use this girl or her sound-alikes. Not just in UK baby. The rest of the world now.

I was  British, Elvis Presley’s love child, gorgeous, a 2.3 metre tall, 22 year old Adonis based in Outer Mongolia with a warm ISDN machine, Source Connect, ipDTL  or Audio TX and a rockin’ kick ass studio in which we do all sorts of audio and video recording – and I invented strawberries.  Ok, I exaggerate…. Well lied slightly and I have the perfect face for radio and a bit of voice, but the ISDN and the studio bit is true.  (See my many blogs around the web about the demise of ISDN, due to Chinese ability to produce all singing all dancing, very pretty rubbish and a great inability to fix something that is not broken)

I’m actually the Master/Slave at ADmaze Media WLL studio and I write, direct and produce thousands more commercials and programmes than I voice. Not only voice-overs, but with my best mate Allan Jennings, we have written loads of original music jingles and even songs and airline music, you name it.

More than that, you can get the WORLD’S MOST BRILLIANT TELEPHONE & IVR SYSTEMS designed, programmed, recorded and installed. Yes! right down to; just stick ’em in your system, no conversions or changes needed. That is, unless it is a Nokia-Siemens core/network,  then depending where you are, there might be some scum bag area representative managing it who will charge the telecom operator $100,000 to release a ‘special software’ which basically only changes the dot suffix.    Oh yeah!  Been there, experienced that.  But in this little ‘ole shack, we have seen it all, so it comes as a bit of a surprise to operators using ADmaze Media for the first time,  when we attend initial briefings and we already know all the lines, the pitfalls, the work involved, the frustrations with pin-point accuracy.  This is what you pay for I guess.  The fact that the team can spew out a very professional system, be it Ring Tones, to Network from their heads and always to the highest standard, still doesn’t justify the price according to accountants and the uninitiated. The moral to the story; NEVER let accountants attend the project meetings!

Why are ADmaze Media award winning systems so good?  More than good –  probably the pièce de résistance of systems;  the aspiration level for the serious and talented and the bench-mark to beat, but for the copy-cats and opportunists, a nightmare hoping that the client doesn’t know or notice the difference.  Of course all cowboy facilities and Agencies think it is easy and profess to be experts.  Absolute dirge!  By and large, it seems to be all monkey see-monkey do and most clients know no better either, so blindly pay up and as cheap as they can get it with no perception of the art involved. There are very few good facilities who do this work well, very few indeed.    (Are you getting the message?) .  It is all in the direction and scripting and ‘Don’t bore us, get to the chorus’ flow, but so few attach importance to this work. A bad telelphone or Call Centre system destroys your image instantaneously – SUBLIMINALLY and most out there are simply BAD! I actually hate this work, but I happen to be extremely good at it and few if any can beat the flow and quality, although  it is extremely difficult to do if you want to do it well. It is sound, not the written word.

Yes, ADmaze Media WLL is your baby, but if you want a $10 system and your secretary reading the prompts, don’t come here.

What is it they say about the ‘sincerest form of flattery’? We used to hear many upstarts ‘trying to emulate’ but not so much these days. Nowadays,  I/ADmaze Media still produce slick, professional documentary or light entertainment type video for television. Events and reports too when we get it. Maybe your company or concern has never heard of ADmaze Media doing video? If you go to you will see plenty. Or it could be because we do not have sales reps knocking on your door claiming to be the greatest! There is little point actually as those who commission need an appreciation and perceive the difference creatively, artistically and in overall standard.

However, as with audio, everyone with a computer and a bedroom  is an instant expert these days, so sadly it is a waste of time competing at the lowest common denominator price, but  that is what has happened, so ADmaze has become a little closeted itself concentrating on only in-house stuff. Maybe it is time to GET OUT THERE! Ho Ho Ho!

Reputation precedes (locally in particular) and  before we walk in the door many clients have already been primed with the notion that ‘ADmaze Media (especially the name Geg Hopkins) is good, but  rather expensive’. One gets used to this onslaught while others are pitching for the sale, but I guess it is does get a bit annoying, but tolerated as a sort of back handed compliment. So sometimes we are a half a dollar more than the rest. What you get is noticeably superior. If an IVR system then constant commitment and awareness of everything about your system. But if you cannot perceive the difference as a client, then you will never warrant the price so go for the cheap and kill your image.

Telephone IVR systems, as with radio and TV; once our clients get on board, most never leave unless they are taken over by our Lebanese friends for example, then it is normally goodbye as they appear to have their own clique and methods of spending their client’s money. 



The ‘PRONOUN VIRUS‘ is but one phrase I have inadvertently coined in the pursuit of my passion, but apparently I’ve coined a few others as well.  which I have heard people use, one being; “AUDIO MAKES VIDEO – NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND’. Again, if you cannot see or should we say ‘hear’ that, then you should NOT be considering a career in this line of work nor be interfering in its progress.

If you care to ask those top names that have worked with me, I’m confident that you’ll get good feedback. When I was based in London (I’m not now), loads of well known actors with good voices (or they thought so) got to hear of me and came knocking on my apartment door asking me to voice direct them.  It was quite bizarre because I am nobody, just an acquired, ‘non’ formatted radio DJ known by a few million ‘non’ main stream people. I can’t dance, can’t cook, horizontal jogging is a big iffy and I can’t sing, but I CAN stick good radio programmes together, do voice-overs for myself and have an ear to direct to near perfection if not perfection itself. AND TELEPHONE SYTEMS.  Well at least my mother always thought so, but I think it is true!  I like doing documentaries, but so do all voice-overs if they can get the job and they all think they are the best, so why pick me?  Well it is like this; I can make even the others sound better if I was directing it and that applies to your secretary if you still want to go that way, so surely I should be able to make myself sound perfect. Cough cough!


Download Geg Hopkins Voice Demo 1

Download Geg Hopkins Voice Demo 2