Oh boy! Bahrain, what have you done?   Sadly such a lot of what you hear through media is sensational, ‘licensed journalistic’ fabrication…  and most all of what you ‘DON’T hear is more likely the truth.  Meantime: Telecom companies are the only ones to continue making a fortune out of personal misery as if they actually sponsor wars ***  Dubai thanks us for bringing it out of recession 15 years earlier than predicted *** Religion continues to be an instilled way of life rather than a belief  *** and we are all still being tortured by Radio Bahrain advertising.  End of blog!!!!

WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   You want more?   Well ok, under Bahrain’s own National Action Charter of 2001 and in particular; ‘Chapter 1 – Forth Element’ I can almost say what I like about you and worse still, you can say what you like about me.  I do have some serious b*tches to get off my chest and most of it, if not all, concerns media.  Oh….  You know that already and the intimidated hate builds up.  The poor horse, that was so cruel.

Local Government controlled media is progressing in in leaps and bounds at the moment.   All due to the situation in Bahrain of course and at last, more of an interest has now been taken in it from the top, thus it has become a lot more open and somewhat more interesting. The rest of Gulf stays the same, yawn.

Professionalism wise, no improvement, but with time and training and a firm hand, Bahrain’s media could be great for a little Island, as it was back in the late 70s and early 80s.  Since then,

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