So I am nearly famous: I am locally more infamous for my often direct approach to Advertising Agencies and those manipulating the media and more about that as this blog matures and I am sure it will get juicy so have no fears.  I have plenty of pet media hates, but upfront ‘THE PRONOUN VIRUS’ is my biggest campaign to date.  Sometimes I get a little short with clients when they insist on streams of unnecessary, pointless information within a script, such as this endless patronizing clap-trap experienced these days and telephone numbers etc.  YOU KNOW IT, YOU HATE IT TOO, when it is not your own service, because you think ‘you are the best’, so naively, (I would say ‘stupidly’ but it upsets people)  go right out there and follow suit and do the same. “YOUR CALL IS IMPORTANT TO US”. ‘VISIT OUR WEB SITE ON…’  ‘CALL US’   ‘ABOUT US’. It is NOTHING BUT VOMIT. Who the hell is ‘US’? It is endemic though and dreadfully lacks credibility, creativity, just everything!  My bitching about it so often intimidates some clients,  but surprisingly most will agree to it as being superfluous as if a light in their creative cavity within their brain got switched on. Retorts like; ‘But this is what I see and hear all the time, is that not what we should do also?’ In a word; ‘NO!’ So rather than rattle on for now and I got plenty to say and lots which will intimidate some into hate and elate others into love.  Firstly, I got some recognition and accreditation and the word is obviously spreading, so I will point  you to another site and another media blog where you can read THE PRONOUN VIRUS saga and how they accredit my comments. The site is   ‘Bollix Media‘  and has a lot of visitors, so good exposure from a media standpoint, but might not always be my personal viewpoint.

This page is open to all and although your post has to be approved, very little if any will not be,  no matter what you say and the folks at ADmaze Media will approve it (or not) as fast as possible. Behave! Be factual! Like you, I accept that creative art is wholy abstract so without patronizing you,  your opinion is totally valued. But unlike every sickly IVR system in the world (except our’s)  ‘your call is NOT important to US’‘  and nobody cares whether you participate or not, but it would be nice if you did.

USUAL RULES: If you slag me or someone/anyone,  an individual or a company, you had better have your facts on your key board or shut the **** up, because we’ll be taking names and want the full gorey juice on it.  If it is bollix, don’t waste your time.  Debate is fine,  Political Correctness, racial harmony and all that bumf is entirely optional but we’ve all been so dumbed down that most of us will surely adhere.  In the worst case scenario, don’t accuse someone of being a shirt lifter if in fact they are a pillow biter for example.

Registrations are really welcome as I’d like a bit of a voice-over and advertising family, community thing going if I can. So your real name and email is preferred but not essential, eitherway, NOBODY will ever find out who you are unless  you yourself, thee, the bloggee prints your name – yourself! Torture me all they like, I will never personally know as the site is administered in far off lands that have not been discovered yet.   Geggyboy



  1. george 'sex god' Hamilton on January 29th, 2009 10:12 pm

    VERY impressed Geggyboy – you are indeed ONE of a KIND – of ******** in my not-so-humble opinion. What u reckon – WHY cant u write the last page for US – every month or even every other month. We can even have your ‘face for radio’ mug in there for added posterity !!!! Great site indeed 🙂 George

  2. Jane on February 6th, 2009 10:03 pm

    I like your site Geg. Did you just do something for ABAMI recently? It has a feel for your style of output. But I feel so sorry for you. I believe you actually pioneered radio as it should be and indeed advertising on it. All those years of amateurs trying to emulate you within the Arabia Gulf (in particular)shows that you at least did achieve a very strange brand of recognition for a while. What is it? Imitation is the best form of flattery, but they could never really get there.
    Your name came up in the office in Dubai recently and it is surprising how many people in the business know you and actually scoff a bit when mentioned. I HATE GEG HOPKINS, which was your company when I dealt with you, shall never be forgotten. Why can’t you come and work on the radio in Dubai, they could do with your brand of wake up.
    We don’t even hear your voice now, but even so, all your work has a bit of a trade mark and compared to the immense unsophistication aired nowadays, it stands out like a blue banana. We are so swamped with unsophisticated tripe, created (if that is the word) by embarrassingly deluded wannabees. Jane S

  3. Northern Gobshite on February 10th, 2009 1:06 pm

    Here Here.
    We need Geggy Boy in Dubai, and we need him NOW!

  4. Geg on February 10th, 2009 2:04 pm

    Wow! Positive comments, thank you muchly. Can’t say that your lush appraisals are universal in the Gulf area. (‘Universal and Gulf – don’t go together, but sounds good. creative license hey?). World wide, or as world wide as I get and that aint so vast, yes!
    I HATE GEG HOPKINS is not what I started out as. it evolved very quickly after, growing out of what I believe is intimidation whereby I was getting so much bad press for being noticed basically. Butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth of course and all this ‘The man you love to hate’ was all overwhelming, as I didn’t see what I did wrong to upset so many, or indeed said anything nasty to anyone. Once I established I HATE# GEG HOPKINS PRODUCTIONS though, you’d be surprised the fame it achieved. It was great going to conferences and the hostesses trying to issue my badges with embarrassed faces, trying to explain an obvious computer hitch or something.
    Generally I appear to be well respected as I respect those that work with me, because; Um! Er! Those that are intimidated just don’t work with me, full stop! It is pretty black and white. There are numerous examples out there to prove that.
    Even so, as my best old mate and ex DJ, now zillionaire in property, Stan Howard or Stan Bontoft in real life says with a chuckle” ‘Oh Geggyboy, you certainly know how to get their inadequacies fired up and it is hilarious to watch as you don’t Fkn give a toss! Too old to change an old dog in the first place’.
    Well Yeah Stan the man, you are right, diplomatic and wealthy, but I am mouthy and broke. Still, I am very sure footed as to my ability or let’s say perception of things as considered professional.
    So yeah… the comments are treasured.

  5. Elly McKay-Smith on July 21st, 2011 10:45 am

    Well as a listener of yours from the 1980’s and a participant in your first Bahrain disco’s complete with trikes! (Old new Dilmun club!). I was thrilled to come across you blogs and to read you are still the same old pushing boundaries Greg!
    BAck when you where dedicating records to my Horse “Frankie goes to Horsey wood! ” we all knew you where going to shake up the establishment – glad to hear still are.
    Missing your dulcet tones.

  6. Geg Hopkins on July 21st, 2011 11:38 am

    Hi Elly – WOW! Blast from the past as they so endearingly say endlessly in the radio biz. You command a decent acknowledgement. Thanks immensely for stopping by and leaving a comment. Obviously, I know the figures for my website visitors, they are many, but most don’t bother to spend the time with little ditties replies like you have. I love it! I certainly do remember ‘Frankie goes to Horseywood’ and no doubt, one fine day, I will find an old tape with me gobbin it out. (Millions of tapes – so not easy). But if I do, I will contact you (if I’m still around). Those were the Bahrain days my dear! All that has changed well beyond decency.
    As for now: Ah well, I am absolute persona non grata… with a vengeance, some even seemingly afraid to be seen talking with me. Very very odd odd! Although I do work for tv a lot now.
    On that note: You can see from earlier comments below. The same subject comes up over and over. The ‘love or hate’ is alive and well still. I have long intended a blog piece and now maybe I will. I’ve never believed myself to be unprofessional, quite the opposite and I certainly improved well beyond as the years went by. (Unlike some others I could mention – who if Rip Van Winkle – would swear he never went to sleep). However, I still so obviously intimidate the meek who rule and who fear me and avoid me for some obscene reason. (Mostly corruption). Too old to care now.
    As for your other observation: My company logo is a pyramid with the tag ‘Closer to the Edge’, which sort of came naturally and much to the distaste of many. Illuminati I am NOT, in fact if I knew who they were and came within 1 km, they’d probably do a Waco on me.
    In fact I have received many a comment, even from dear old ex DJ friends, all on the lines of: “Oh Geg, you pointlessly take on the world, wasting your time, biting the hand that feeds you” and so on and on. Of course I am selfish and wonder just why the rest of the world doesn’t think ‘straight and open’ like me. My edge is not ‘outrageous antics’ to insult, or see how far one can go in a pop video, or violently challenging someone for example; far from it. But to sort of explain it in short; ‘I just never settle for the lowest (probably corrupt) common denominator and view people on a higher plain. I could be grossly deluded though.

  7. Geg Hopkins on July 21st, 2011 11:43 am

    You know I’d do anything for you dearboy… even polish your statuesque bronze image and buy ‘Bahrain this Month’ ………… but you also know that your ‘Korridor King’ will never approve. So just keep buying me lunches instead. Mmmmwwwwuuuuuppp!

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