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So, you are looking for ‘video production Bahrain’, Audio production Bahrain, recording studio Bahrain, copy-writing, Social Media Management, broadcast content and so on?

OK, that’s the tags sorted out, now down to business. By the way, I do all those things mentioned above and um…er… exceptionally well too.  Always ‘broadcast quality’, always ‘Closer to the Edge’.

Firstly, if you are looking for the ‘about us’ page, well that is done differently on this site.  Probably Google detrimental, but it doesn’t warrant a tab all to itself. Instead you will find scrawls and scrawls of it under the BLOG tab.  More about that below.  So welcome anyway and if you have been redirected from – or it is all associated.  Here there is more verbal clutter (miles of it) which you are about to wade through if inclined. (I hope so).

You won’t find for the time being, but it will reappear eventually; as will Jesus apparently, but for now it was deliberately taken off line because a lot of unsavoury sods utilized the data base and company operational tactics to make money for themselves but not the artists. Sadly,  that is common around these parts – as is; ‘Hey Geg, write us a cracking music  jingle”. You do it and then; ‘Thanks, send us the master’.  Unbelievable!  They then go and place it on endless TV channels, not only making placement money from the clients, but taking all the royalties as well.  You challenge them and they come back with looks of such innocence on their faces as if they don’t understand your beef; ‘ Everyone does it, we paid you for the studio work, what else do you want?’ Intangible art has little value in some cultures and perceived as no skills required.



Now if you would like to hear some of those jingles, then click on the ‘production’ page.  On the other hand,  if you just want to hear my own voice show reel, bang your mouse over the links above, or scroll on down for a good read. The links are repeated at the end of this page.



You need to know if I can deliver whatever style and energy you require………………. Er! Um!  Voice wise… Yeah I can!  And by all accounts I’m pretty good at it really. Some love me, some hate me. What to do?  Some say I am best or even the BEST at directing others and should stick to that.   (Some movie stars might like me to do that for them).   I only voice in English but I’m happy to give it a go in Swahili if you teach me the words.   The only set back is: Do you like my distinct and unique tone and ‘can’t quite put your finger on it’ accent? Again, it is 50/50 – absolutely love or hate.  The reason for that is simply the uniqueness of my dulcet tonsils and the psychology of something going in your ear which you notice and makes you aware. Some can take it, some cant.  But then, I can sound like Edward Heath or Neil Nunes if you like…….. I can even mimic this God awful tread so prevalent everywhere, with voices sickly singing with a false smile and going up at the end of each sentence.  The BBC is full of it now!

As for production; you have to walk a million miles to find better.  English/Arabic/Hindi whatever, it is done here and better than they do it themselves or so I’m told.    Well that is what I think, but of course, the ‘some say’ brigade also moan that ‘in yer face’ productions, as slick as they are, are  ‘OLD SCHOOL’  and  ‘Not what the people want these days‘, thus  ‘out of date’.  Pink Floyd will NEVER go out of date either, get a life, or at least some ears and eyes if you don’t perceive professional output.

Then again, those pseudo creatives, the pony  tailed, earring clad, sari wearing instant experts are out there everywhere. ‘I look like this, so I must be creatively artistic’. They do NOT like me!  Please, I am devastated, so hurt, best go prance your phoney art around your mother, because she surely loves you and will protect you from the likes of my creative aggression.   Oooo snap my beads! Yes, we are a dying breed. The airways are now saturated with this higher pitched girlie, pseudo over happy, sing song reads which for the life of me eludes my reasoning. Must be some Masonic like club or closet, because there seems to be clones of them everywhere and the public are bombarded with it to such an extent that folk think it might be law to use this girl or her sound-alikes. Not just in UK baby. The rest of the world now.

There is so much more drivel to be read in the ‘About – What we do’ post by clicking here. Incidentally, the blog page has ALL THE BLOGS scrolled one after the other. It goes on and on and if you like a laugh and want to join the sarcasm, feel free. There are side tables that come up from time to time giving you links to various posts, but since you will have absolutely no idea what subject I might have been ranting about, then the site search engine is of no use to you if you don’t know the title. So just scroll on and on and each heading will come up and you can click on it. Failing that, if you think I posted something about… sex, then punch in ‘sex’ on the search.  You NEVER know what might come up so so speak. Happily, most of the posts are about media, its downfall and government lizards in Europe. Enjoy!



Download Geg Hopkins Voice Demo 1

Download Geg Hopkins Voice Demo 2