Hong Kong review: June 2014   (Note: Sorry about the picture layout – This particular theme does not provide any other satisfactory options)


Hong Kong spread from the harbour

Looks like a postcard – It is!  But it is real!


Once upon a time in a far off land in the Orient, long before Jo Bananas, a fairy tale evolved where goodies and badies lived side by side rubbing each other’s shoulders and things, where a multitude of police horses stood on two legs. One reason for that was to make more room, the other was to keep the disenchanted at bay. If you are over 50 and geographically astute, you might have visited a completely different Hong Kong to what it is now, or at least heard enthusiastic memoirs  and felt like you had been there so knew the score – literally

As a rough guide how to get to Hong Kong from Europe or the Middle East or in my case Bahrain: Keep heading east with an umbrella until you reach the South China Sea and look for the bright lights; you can’t miss it!  Of course it is best to go west if you are coming from say LA, but don’t laugh its – north initially if you are heading out of New York. Better still, just look for a Cathay Pacific plane wherever you are and as sure as Brazil went out of this year’s world cup by *censored* goals, that plane will be heading to Hong Kong.

Ignoring China itself, the other bright lights in that area might be Macau which is close by if you are a crow, certainly from Lantau Island which is only 25 miles away, but unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a direct link.  The ferry starts in town and goes all the way around.  That water is rough too. Eeeeeee uuuuwww!

 hong kong macau

Not a very pleasant 25 mile hike by water – but you’d need to be put to sleep for a light-year if you wanted to drive over.


Apart from making thousands of pretty ham kung fu movies, Hong Kong is now perhaps the safest destination on earth next to say Singapore maybe. Most

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