(Draft 1 – pending proof)

In general, media output all over the world has degenerated into plastic molds. Technically, content and presentation wise, it is all so far of track, with Hollywood the only savior and even half the output from there is so ham and poorly directed sometimes, despite literally millions being spent on production. In such cases, the director does not perceive his or her inability.  Canada tries hard, but sometimes, they need to look in the mirror.  In the UK, it seems to be hip to put out crap or is that just being part of this self idolizing, protectionist, marginal and quite degenerate at times media agenda?
One simple reason for this mayhem is our quest to create the endless ‘throw away’ society who cares little about anything, having no pride in their work, but that applies to all trades. Looking deeper though and the caring nothing about the quality of output on a station for example, be it audio, visual or media content, actually relates to all forms of appalling media bombarding us nowadays. It is not only broadcast, but up on every billboard or in every magazine.
Intangible industries such as art increasingly have no value and with everyone owning a computer, the entire world is full of instant experts with zero skills. If you are a studio for example and not a commercial entity but an artistic one and professional, this is what you have to put up with everyday. Read more