We live in an age of absolute denial mimicking the ostrich. Nobody but nobody wants to take responsibility for anything, no matter how petty or terroristic. Besides, by and large many pretend it doesn’t really happen, or if so, always to someone else. Realistically and the planet’s great dilemma, there is just too much no-value stifled fodder on earth which we all know deep down, seriously needs addressing. The oblivious brigade of appeasers (who dictate the precedent) pontificate; ‘Aw, leave them alone; they are entitled to their deviance, cubic metre of air, Neanderthal existence and sizeable squadron of offspring’, endlessly support this self-helpless pluralism. We throw massive so-called development funds into their sewers, most of which so often gets filtered away by crooks. Regardless, the bottom line is that nothing changes and no advances are ever really made, other than numbers doing exactly the same all over again.
These do-gooder luvvies have exacerbated the penned ‘civilized world’s’ woes. But who decides to cut the umbilicals? Well, human nature will decide and we are headlong into the abyss already with terrorism the norm and folk by and large anaesthetized to it these days. It is sick both ways. Mainstream Media in full denial reports a hatchet job on a wife in Berlin as an ‘immigrant crime of passion’ while totally ignoring the thousands frequently massacred in other atrocities from whence they came. It is all to save face within their own oblivion of this bubbling Armageddon. After all, heinous, hideous religious atrocities can also be termed ‘Crimes of Passion’.
As fodder for the Illuminati, we bury our heads in inanity, such as Facebook or Android games; ‘Click like and share – once you see the answer’. The more inane the more it trends. Oh -Kill me now! Bizarrely, no matter how ridiculous the scenario is, so few look inwards thus it is always a CIA baby-killer plot or we perceive this skulduggery and conspiracy as beyond one’s existence – ‘What to do habeebee’? To opine such bunkum can be done in safety, but suggest that certain cultures or beliefs carry a mandate within gets one labelled a Nazi, a racist, an infidel or whatever else suits and cannot be done without fear. Sure, the BBC chooses sides and often exacerbates situations to the Nth degree, but ‘they didn’t start it’.
Perhaps an electronic past-time is the answer to all our woes? ‘Pokémon Go’ seems to have phallic heritage by name (Doesn’t everything?) and occupying our very existence, hopefully replacing the obsession with horizontal jogging which ostensibly dominated our lives before it.
By all accounts ‘Da’esh’ are slicker with the mobile phones than most and hypocritically depend wholly on the net, but do you think less heads and hands will be severed as its psychopathic members settle down to take on ‘Pokémon Go’ rather than using the technology solely to spread oppression and fear. Those who have thieved under Sharia Law can’t speak out, because they have no fingers to manipulate their phones. However, there’s hope; any ‘Pokémon Go’ mellowing might even see successful judicial appeals and players appearing sporting stitch-marks around their wrists.
The world is in real fear and no happy ending. A gynaecologist examining a ventriloquist and being taken by surprise is shock, not fear – there is a huge difference. It is subliminal fear calling the shots in the world today and politicians are just headless chickens without a clue what to do and besides they spend most of their waking day feeding their egos, scheming and twisting, planning the next box office thriller- ‘Hatchet Jobs’ rather than doing what they were elected to do. You can’t make it up, the events and shifts since mass immigration and Brexit are so bizarre it’s like we have become another planet. In fact, it is all so dark and dishonest from Washington to Beijing when a politician should be the most “honest” beings on earth and for the people.
Fear creates blanket Stockholm Syndrome and we are exposed to potential and extreme anarchy within nations with religious and racial disharmony screaming at us, but it is all ok, we now have the viral pandemic of ‘Pokémon Go’ to take our minds off it in our desperation to be numbed by entertainment.
Fear not; ‘Pokémon Go’ now begins the extermination of the human race by senseless traffic accidents, each becoming legitimate appeasement as an acceptable binding clause, like manslaughter through drunk or drug infested driving. Next month we’ll investigate a new phenomenon; ‘Poke-Pervs’, those depraved men charging into some lady’s bedroom, mobile phone in one hand……. with the um..er.. limp excuse that; ‘I was after a “Pokémon” Your Honour’. ‘Well at least half of that’, berates the Judge.
But then what else is this column other than a channel of so-called entertainment? Hypocrisy – we love you!