It was fixed! It was fixed! As everything about Europe is. Soppy, blatantly political, sentimental appeasing agenda, It’s a good job Vlad was busy with his own ego and dumbbells, cruisin’ on his Shetland pony Harley while the ‘Eurovision Song Contest’ (never heard of it) was on or he might have accidently on purpose leaned on the button.
What has the Eurovision Song Contest (never heard of it) got to do with life on earth anyway? God was cruel for what a dank bunch of contestants they were at that. Backstage barking was even heard. Someone tweeted that all the songs sounded like they were written by Cold Play but never mind, cop the ludicrous costumes. The only thing missing for most was a herd of lamas.
Pathetically voting Ukraine the best song when it was anything but, there is a huge petition to have the result annulled. Get a life! Well call it diversity if you want and equality for the less privileged/underdog/afflicted but Reality TV has obviously gone too far as have the oblivious Fabian Reich, Nazi Liberal Europe in general. Constantly kowtowing, appeasing and descending to the lowest common denominator to equalize (except them).
It is official; Australia is now in Europe, not that the song presented by Dami IM (Never heard of her) stood a chance. Only pervs and fur trade votes floated her way due to several tasteless up-skirt shots desperately displayed… um… ostensibly designed to show off the tailoring draped around this Korean singer. Yes, a European Korean from European Australia. We can’t wait for Bangladesh’s entry next year.
More banal than a country and western song where; ‘she ran off with a cowboy and blinded by tears he ran over the kids and the puppy’, the pish Ukraine song might as well have been about the Malaysian 777 that was shot down by Russian separatists – allegedly. Oh – it was? Obama with the Nobel Peace Prize just for breathing and now the Ukraine entry glorified. What a desperate arrogant bunch who rule us.
You never thought it possible but it was worse than Bahrain TV. Whoever directed this Euro garbage needs to learn the art. It ranks Amateur Ville Horror (as does the TV ads for Brussels Air). It was more amateur than CNN’s ludicrous zooms and ridiculous face turns to the camera as they incessantly promote their egomaniac under-par journalism. Not one single zoom-in shot of these ham artists was complementary yet the crowds cheered on and on…. and on. It proves the fodder of this world are firmly in control and now working in media. Martin Österdahl (never heard of him) was the Executive Producer and one can only assume by his name and umlauts that he is not Korean.
Minus the Windsor-knot, but perhaps sporting a jock strap, supposed comedienne (that’s a laugh for a start) and main host Swede Petra Mede Måns Zelmerlöw (never heard of her), oh wait – that’s two people, came out towering over her mousy little friend. Draped in coruscating (never heard of it) painter’s overalls, obviously covering lumpy Kevlar, she looked positively monstrous against her, by comparison wimpy looking co-host. Zelmerlöw apparently won the 2015 epic (never heard of it) with an equally naff attempt to rouse the Y fronts and mummy knickers off us – called ‘Heroes’. “We are the heroes of our time – dancing with demons in our minds”. Roget’s Rhyming dictionary has a lot to answer for.
Mede’s unfunny scripted, cornball, nonsensical, drily lines were read staccato from a crib card she so openly held. Rave revues and the moronic crowd cheered every single syllable and cried along with the Ukrainian winner as she took the stand for the biggest con in television this year.
What a bunch they were; Zaa Sanja Vucic from Serbia actually came on as a Korean dressed as Bat Woman. Bulgaria showed some pleasing looks draped in what appeared to be engine parts from a space ship as she whacked her legs in and out like a good cello player. A jiggy little song too, albeit wholly Turkish – who are NOT in Europe yet!
Jesus from Poland resurrected as Michat Szpak (never heard of him either and don’t try saying his name) literally displayed his tonsils. Choreographed by the Filipino band in the local hotel, he didn’t stand a chance with all that deep and meaningless hand motion obviously learned from the European Highway Code as did most of the other singers, especially ‘Bare’ from Spain. She would have passed her test first time. Mary had a little lamb, she also had a bear, we often saw her lamb, but never saw her bear.
Cyprus’s entry ‘Alter Ego’ by ‘Minus One’ (or was it the other way around) rocked along very nicely, but it was like watching the Muppets mimicking Def Leppard with less hair.
Then Hovi Star of Israel displayed his obsession and leanings as he pointlessly appeared in replica to Adam Lambert. Remember the brilliant Lambert made second place in the 2009 ‘American Idol’ but should have come first. Middle America would not have approved his pillow biting exploits in colour if he had (worse than Paris Hilton), all disclosed a week or two before the final. Fixed – of course! Now if Star had done the same, ‘let’s make everyone gay’ Europe must surely have voted him No.1. What a dilemma for the politics that would have been, so they might just as well ‘stayed home.


Write something about the migrant crisis in Europe was the order of the day from the Editor. Well that could be done using one word; ‘Excrescence’, said Donald Trump and a vast majority of around 400 million other folk who don’t want it but are silenced! OK, the end – satisfied?

Oh wait! Europe is hideously going to give Africa a couple of billion Dollars to entice immigrants to return home. No conflict of interest there then- cough! Excuse the pun, it’s all whitewash as media and Eurocrats still focus on Arabs, yet Arabs always go home and will without aid, even if oil dropped to $1 a barrel, it just means the shops on London’s Edgeware Road and Queensway will be empty for a while

Give billions to ‘who(m)’ exactly? With several countries within Europe on the bones of their arse financially, rumour has it all new Euros are being printed on Greece proof paper and that some countries within are so desperate for dosh they are answering Nigerian emails. Do taxpayers, already taxed for just breathing agree Mr. Illuminati?

If you promise not to sing Mr. Geldof, you can step in as accountant for the despots again. Quoting Geldof while scalding the BBC and Daily Mail: ‘Produce one shred of evidence that Live Aid money purchased guns!’ Um….er…. Bobby boy, no! You produce one shred of evidence that it didn’t and that food wasn’t being nicked by the shed load by scum bags while you got egotistically knighted. Ah but Bono, Sir Paul, Dido without an ‘l’ and all the usual luvvies will join in. All the way to Hollywood, this decadence blatantly awards itself ad nauseam within its closeted closed shop whereby they all blow smoke and praise the bejeezus out of each other at these glitzy shows of canker.

If you are reading this from afar, don’t you wish you lived in Bahrain? With ‘swarms’ having avoided drowning; now drowning Europe, the holocaust of freedom cometh. The official Fabian line and irony is that these (sectarian) people are running from violence but not the faith which is above everything and even demanding with audacity as if God’s own edict that they have a right to be there. Europe is drowning in appeasement also as alien protocol is forced upon the indigenous.

So what’s it all about? Note, this December issue is the ‘Gay Lords á Leepin’ edition so let’s get to the real nitty-gritty. Laugh all you like, for sure there is always an ulterior motive and one does suspect the entire ruling elite are bound by simple sordid sex as deviant and basic as that is. It is such a weird conspiracy nobody would associate immigrants with high-level deviance.

We all really know deep down that there is ‘nothing’ for free in this decrepit, ‘de-moralized’ and demoralized world where a TV programme or film cannot go more than a few minutes without debase profanity or ‘Brokeback Mountain’ content. ‘Homo On the Range’ (sing along now). It is all agenda in the extreme to garner acceptance.

This dilution of society is oppression and an obscene obsession with disproportionate privilege for the minority, fast becoming the majority. Many suspect it will not be long before the BBC and governments of Europe officially ban Christmas as offensive, replacing it with Gay Pride in antipathy. ‘I’m dreaming of a white mistress’ is definitely on the wane and one suspects most will be rubbing their grubby little hands together with a lure for the darker, hoping for new ‘trade’ and ‘friends of Doris’ among the mass flooding the EU; totally neglecting the need to have heterosexual stockings filled. Even Starbucks have forbade a stroke of white and suggestion that it snows in winter in the Northern Hemisphere by producing ‘simply red’ all over cups this Christmas. Why bother?

Yes, for those of us here, aren’t you glad you live in Bahrain?

Of course, ‘live and let live’ should be paramount and who cares what you do behind closed doors as long as it doesn’t physically hurt (unless one shops at the dyslexic Marks & Spencer store). One has to remain breathing a least. As with religion, nobody has the right to put one’s kinks above another, but crying the ‘offensive’ ticket for every little thing has got so out of hand, said the bishop!


Constant trivia and inanity is perpetrated to take our minds off reality and controlled by a very scary Socialist gang in Europe, who are quite possibly lizards. Life as we know it Jim is going through some very dark conspiracy times while manipulating the youth of nations. How inane? Well, incessantly promulgating Illuminatus, no talent Jay-Z’s mythical ability to sing as a rapper for a start. Of course, he definitely had a leg-up if not over self-exposed Illuminati icon Beyonce who sees herself on the next design of the Dollar bill. Yet nobody takes notice, or it could be that everyone has their oblivious head down looking at their mobile phones.

Big Brother et al, endless condescending drivel, the only other choice being yet another programme presented by Richard Hammond all designed to keep us docile. To prevent us showing signs of individuality, this ruling cult has created such a frightening stigma making it illegal to challenge in plain language or we are deemed ‘racist’.

Dangerously oppressing us all today, in these so-called liberal societies, clueless politicians aberrantly speak for us all, oblivious to their folly and continue to take the most astonishing actions which are completely against the will of the natural silent majority. This is done with impunity because they have infiltrated the assumed ‘intellectual sect’ and just about all media (except BTM)!

Remarkably, the word ‘brainfart’ (one word) has now been added to the Oxford Dictionary and as the real 1984 approaches with the Illuminati still dripping down the walls of Oxford University, it brings us to the migrant crisis. Self-inflicted disaster or not, most of us are fairly companionate, some generous and unless you are a sociopath, psychopath or just called Tony, by default we all have an ingrained element of concern for others. However, Europe has an epidemic of brainfarting at the moment as the clash of civilizations materializes unheeded. As sad as the situation is; human nature dictates an extremely violent ride. Karl Marx will surely be jumping in his grave waving a blunt sickle desperately trying to get out shouting; ‘I said hammer and a chisel not….’

Empowered pseudo-Socialism is an order and a fairytale rather than compassion. This agenda swamped ideology gradually became extreme during the 70s, but now it has become positively fascist with generations indoctrinated and oblivious to its totalitarian aspect. Even our closest lovable relative the chimpanzee is known to kill another for territory or clanship.

Whatever, brainfarting as an adjective will become diverse and severely political but for now remains in the derogatory such as blonde jokes or similar: ‘Atlanta Emergency which service’? ‘There’s a man in my garden, he’s been shot’. ‘Mamm, do you have an address’? ‘No! I’m wearing jeans and sweater duh’! In the developing world brainfarting has always been a prolific pastime and everyday occurrence. In fact, in many incidences a couple of English idioms might be well placed alongside it; a brainfart ‘follow through’ comes to mind as it describes much of the pile of derision we so often have to endure – all in the name of perceived ‘social welfare’. Of course, journalistically the word will not be appearing for several years yet and in Europe it will be banned completely, with the BBC leading.

Fabian-ism is an inherent medical condition, determined to be an airborne virus mainly radiated by the BBC and absorbed through unprotected ears. The virus can enter via the eyes if one reads The Guardian or The Huffington (com)Post. Originally cultivated in the London School of Economics and quickly spreading to the London School of Journalism the virus mutated into colonies, such as the one in Falmouth – South West England. The disease boosts the ego system, affecting one’s dialectic red cerebral empathy neurons (called Republicans) and tends to make us all gay with the ability to spout clichés. The cloning syndrome mechanism contains several adhesive and sickly white corpuscles – and over generations the ‘fuzzy logic’ of these cells becomes corrupt. The only treatment is war and genocide, after which there is a calming period, but there is no complete cure, for history will repeat.

To be continued/….