Hollywood to the British Bumbastic Service, vehemently deny that sex and violence on our screens influence the public in anyway. “We are all far too intelligent for that”. What a crock! Then why do politicians use the media to campaign?

How on earth did Che Guevara protégé Jeremy Corbyn get elected then? Maybe he is a murdering psychopath just like Guervara which millions sickly worship. Unless another Illuminati conspiracy, what could have influenced this catastrophic debacle? It is all media sensation! Let’s vote for anyone called Jeremy, after the relentless media coverage of Jeremy Clarkson, who is more famous than World Wars or the Titanic? Guffaw all you like; this clan of pseudo Marxists in the vast media beyond, along with the well-worn BBC sphincters are twitching nervously, fearing that Donald Trump might get elected too. Don’t be surprised if the Democrats seriously consider putting blissfully unaware Republican Kim Kardashian up to counter.

Corbyn is living proof that suicide is fashionable. ‘Is that a nuclear deterrent in your pocket or are you having an election’? Nothing is ever straight is it – said the urologist. Furthermore, it could have been Tony Blair in a David Cameron mask making the speech at the recent Conservative Conference, demonizing both left and right. They all cave in to their massive egos and the vote. Will the real Slim Shady please stand up.

Decent people have lost their way; swamped by a minority of massively egotistical deviants who patronize and oppress the majority, turning Political Correctness into a religion of force as they control governments and the entire media. Meanwhile, Edmund Burke’s sad lot sat back and did nothing. (Burke apparently didn’t say it either, but we must have heroes).

Feeling had yet? Sardonic at best, having been likened to Jeremy Clarkson in many more physical ways than just gob, regally speaking, one should ascertain whether or not one believes everything one writes, or if one does it purely to get up one’s nose – are ‘YOU’ the chosen ‘ONE’ this month? But seriously, with several reports of the last page of this very magazine mysteriously disappearing at letter boxes, one suspects a BBC fatwa is at play. Just in case the CIA or GCHQ get wind of this article and decide to deploy the vanishing cream, let’s add an ‘Elephant to the room’.

To reiterate, the BBC is one great big cottage industry discriminately recruiting the likeminded. You are highly unlikely to get a job with this bastion of agenda unless you teasingly speak with a ‘lisp’ off microphone or are a member of the fur trade. Broadcast media in particular, are rife with this out-of-control control all across the European Union; dictated to by the least purchased paper of all, the piddly Guardian which endlessly pouts its own credence. This minority cartel of obliviously indoctrinated journalists along with barracudas in government have infiltrated every nook and cranny of society since suspected reptilian and covert Bolshevik ‘Arold Wilson crawled out from under his red bed in the late 60s.

Character assassination is endemic and permitted aimed at those who don’t eat the same cake, but you try and do it back. Example: “The million-plus fans who petitioned the BBC to recall Clarkson should be ashamed of themselves”, wrote journalist Christopher Stevens. A statement that is convolutedly acceptable! It’s also wholly contradictory, advocating (Burke’s) million to one minority rule. “Thankfully no racial slurs” (during the last Top Gear Programme) wrote another luvvy from the ‘hang Clarkson’ citadel. The comment was typically nasty and pointed. So it’s a racial slur if we try to teach pigmies ‘limbo dancing’ because it goes above their head. Of course, it’s Kosher to make fun of Clarkson’s colleague tiny Richard Hammond who turns into a three-legged midget when on Viagra.

Clarkson will never be knighted since he’s not spent time in paediatric wards or become a member of The Central Station Club in Kings Cross unlike so many of the rest of the BBC. Are we ever going to see that great Satan disbanded and all assets sold off? Ok, those in agreement stop shouting; ‘Clarkson for Prime Minister’. Donald Trump would be much better…………..Cough!