March 17th 2017:

A giant Tyrannosaurus Rex cross collie called Grizz, a fire breathing monster paced the perimeter of Auckland airport and grounded planes, as it swung in its huge arms and attempted to rip passengers from their seats on aircraft waiting to taxi. There it was, clawing off wings, engines and tails, carting maidens off in their blood swilling mouths. Pilots panicked and demanded the beast be shot, begging passengers stay calm while the intrepid New Zealand authorities ‘COMPETENTLY” dealt with this horrifying situation. Marvel comics eat your heart out!

Staff had done “everything they could”, spokeswoman Lisa Mulitalo told Fairfax New Zealand. “We’re really upset about it”.

Um…. NO YOU DIDN’T you slimy arsed psycho, PC obsessed dingbat; to you and your’s.

So someone shot little Grizz the puppy! Obviously Tyrannosaurus Rex cross breed with collie, bred to threaten and destroy.

As some are saying in NZ today: “I am ashamed to be a Kiwi”. You reap what you sew!

It probably all boils down to the incessant desires of Mr and Miss Nobody’s craving for attention and a subconscious need to be noticed among society as we know it today. It is nothing new, it is just that we have so many means of achieving this now, so jump on. Get a Facebook page and type shit like I do, You’ll soon get noticed without shooting defenseless puppies.

Plus it is all tied to obsessive PC indoctrination, which gives everyone absolute opportunity to get in on it. Health and Safety obsessions and the plethora of gestapo like vacant ‘security’ individuals in the name of ‘look at me’, rather that the true essence of the requirement and the people these pseudo manufactured, near quango existences attract. It simply allows their Andy Warhol moments to be easily presented to them all too often.

Let’s get this right.. Somehow a small friendly, clever, useful doggy, managed to delay several flights, because what? Quite how that could happen is cartoon at most. Pilots got concerned according to some reports!! Or….. Mr and Miss Nobody saw opportunity for a bit of power to dictate and edict to “GROUND ALL PLANES’ until doggy was apprehended.

Did anyone try simply calling it back? A trained doggy, it would know it’s name. Obviously not. The heat of the moment, the opportunity to create a ‘situation’ was far too great. Call out the cavalry instead!

‘It got a little scared apparently’ and like most dogs do, did a runner for a few minutes. A little doggy who by then was even more scared with the ‘I wanna be noticed and famous and I’ve got a gun’ chasing it.

There are probably 20 dogs at any one time sniffing the perimeter of the airport pissing against posts. But no, you guys chose this little one’s life to so easily extinguish.

Oh you’ve been noticed alright – sleep well on that thought!

Insist they line each and every one of them up in front of cameras in a blaze of glory to show the world just how macho they all are.


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