Time for a rant, it has been ages: Oh, I seem to have picked the BBC again, how unusual.  Or as a new friend on Facebook calls them:  The Big Buggers Club, which I thought was hilarious.

Most have no real objection to a BBC existing, proving its funding is not by force. If by force continues, then the BBC has to have no foibles whatsoever.  It has to be perfect, it must only set an artistic example of this perfection and can in no way be political or sexual. That can happen, but not in God’s lifetime.

As the BBC Charter continuation looms yet again, like every other controversy surrounding the Illuminati the BBC pretend to address it with seemingly serious intent, incredulous debate and near convincing discussion among their so many arrogant egotists. Oh Paxman will be popping up discussing the issue  with some sweet looking, butter wouldn’t melt nanny looking Governess telling how fair and balanced and completely unbiased the output is and to such high standards. She herself quite possibly a lesbian now, but wasn’t really daring to practice until she joined the ranks and found she enjoyed this closet scene and could get away with it without being found out because this incestuous society propagate and look after each other, in unwritten secrecy.  Conspiracy?  WHAT?

Jimmy Saville, Guardian support, Socialist doctrine, demographic change etc etc.  Of course, these clubbers are merely fooling the dumbed down nation unaware that it is all smoke and mirrors. Indeed the very same junkies who create this charade enjoy it as a journalistic high.  (By the way, I mention the known exploits of a good few Jimmy Saville era personalities in my EGO rant *** hopefully*** coming up).

An extremely privileged bunch of very connected and lucky upstarts for most is how I see the BBC and its octopus network, with underground cavities with nooky bunks all the way to Westminster, the nest!   On the contrary they say; a society stalwart and loved by billions. The iniquitous BBC might be British in name, but it has long been out of character with the indigenous folk of the Isles. Infiltrated by Muggaridge-ites, political socialism, immigrants of varying faiths and little art and given the job under the BBC’s gross obsession with ‘minorities, labeling them as under privileged, so favoured so easily above other struggling talented citizens – oh and we don’t forget the abundance of just plain old sexual deviants.  For imagery only, the BBC keeps its old agenda making, plummy family farts, lovingly referred to and worshiped as ‘doyens’ -  the John Simpsons, the dimblebys and a good few more, filling the rest of the necessary 24 hour coverage with football wives and throw away society to make us all feel connected.

The BBC really does very little to warrant the age old, perceptions it once had.  In fact, its reputation is appalling in learned circles who are not part of the clan. Never mind, the masses are still fed and indeed believe the old adage that the BBC is the broadcasting benchmark and the dog’s clangers in integrity.  Wait, I can hear someone saying; ‘But I like the BBC, I think they are very professional.’ Ho ho ho ho! Gimme a bucket.  Oh! And; ‘What has someone’s sexuality got to do with it?’.   A lot if you want the job!



Anyway: Predictably, this week we have a Tory ‘plant’ spouting yuckspeak; ‘Unconstitutional demand for fees rather than voluntary – being so out of place in the 21st century and that if the public are forced to pay, they should have a say’. Oh that rhymes, let’s slogan it!

Our Tory might be talking but the ‘random’ public are not and will never be allowed to broadcast the real story – not while we still have East Enders.
The yap will continue with the same old BS: ‘Accountability’ – ‘objectivity’ – blah blah blah… ‘ until the ink is dry, which for sure it is already. Of course it has already been decided, because some imaginary ‘NO’ decision being suddenly made 2 years from now would mean that the monster that is the BBC being given short notice to cease operation. As if!

We all know that not a single politician from any party (except maybe the National Front ) has the gonads to even remotely contemplate a real cull, without first being licensed to run their own station or at least have sympathetic broadcast platforms. (Not that it would influence too much anyway, but still it is never going to happen in Britain).

Fox News is of course available on most sat providers, but hey….Not a British version. NOT ALLOWED!
The BBC’s assumed influence outside of Blighty is staggering and extremely dangerous if of substance. Yet we are bombarded and conditioned to perceive tabloid platforms like FOX NEWS to be demons, thus will never be given grace to established such media in Britain with Murdoch the Antichrist for most UK media cohorts. Astoundingly, with Spitting Image like destruction, the British Media not owned by Murdoch has managed to convince most of the nation that Murdoch is none other than the devil himself. Just the mention of Murdoch leaving his office, never mind his name on a passenger list somewhere, causes sudden changes of underwear in the corridors of Aunty and Labour HQ, especially the immigrant Lords in their dens.
Think what you like about glitzy rah rah FOX and co, until Britain is allowed the same real freedoms America is allowed, the BBC and its Fabian base, the pseudo Marxists will prevail and the rest will fall in line.

So my guess is, the decision is already final and cemented long long ago in favour of continuation and all this talk is just pure hype and decoration. My God, they’d have to make wimp Chris Patton a Lord, he’s done everything else un-elected and there is nowhere else for him to go. The rest of the Fabian governors meanwhile sit in their closets supping chino and laughing like hell at us.



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